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   Art Teaching Philosophy  


            The ultimate goal of creating is self-expression.  It is my role as an art educator to foster this in artists of any age.  My philosophy is supported by my belief that everyone is entitled to be creative.     The act of creating, therefore, should be maintained as a positive experience for students.  They should be treated with respect and consistently supported as their talents mature.  This provides an environment for them to bring their creative ideas to fruition.  It also encourages alternative thinking, which is crucial for students to express their own unique artistic visions.

            My Art Educational background helps me provide my students with practical learning expectations and the ability to set obtainable student goals.  This allows students to feel confident that they know what is expected of them, allowing them to open up creatively. 

            Being a creative artist allows me to be a creative teacher.   Planning assignments in advance is important, however, I believe it is equally important to be adaptable while teaching.  Assignments should be altered according to students’ educational needs throughout the whole school year.  This includes making assignments more challenging for advanced students and modifying assignments for students who have less expertise in the area of study.   Acknowledging student progress is also crucial to the educational process because of the subjective nature of art.  It is my responsibility to help my students discover when they are clearly expressing their ideas and effectively using their medium.

          Studios are environments for the exchange of ideas.  The nature of an art class encourages discussions about creative problem solving strategies and facilitates connections between students, enhancing the positive nature of the studio.  Forming these relationships is important because today’s classrooms possess unique combinations of a culturally diverse student population.  Learning and creating together allows the class community to share and celebrate their diverse lives.  Incorporating contemporary art from diverse cultures also supports this goal, while demonstrating the key concepts of the assignment.  

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